20 Math Stories

Make math a good story

  • In english, en français, y en español
  • Learn math + learn a language
  • With classroom-tested lesson plans
  • With powerful instructional strategies
  • And math surprises!


In your classroom


Differentiated instruction

  • The 20 math stories use a low floor
    • students can engage with minimal prerequisite knowledge
  • and a high ceiling
    • students can investigate more complex relationships and representations
  • Stories making learning memorable
    • interesting characters
    • math surprises
  • Stories come with powerful instructional strategies to enhance learning
    • before the story
    • during the story
    • after the story

Computational thinking

  • Stories come with a variety of "coding" instructional strategies, using
    • Scratch
    • Python
    • coded simulations students can edit
    • computational algorithms

Home connection

  • Stories motivate children to share their learning with family & friends
  • Each story comes with "home connection" instructional strategies